Test Stubs

A test stub is a piece of code used as a stand-in for the actual test, or to document and make note of a future test improvement that we are not able to fix in the moment. To create this in the poshi *.testcase files:

  1. Setup a test with descriptions, priority, test name, like you regularly would.
  2. Set the test to @ignore = “true”.
  3. Add a commented out TODO block with the LPS/LRQA ticket

For example:

@description = "This is a test for LPS-125933. Check for possible not covered scenarios for Echo components in Data Engine"
@ignore = "true"
@priority = "3"
test ConvertWidgetPageWithWebContentsToContentPage {
  property portal.acceptance = "false";

  // TODO LPS-125933 ConvertWidgetPageWithWebContentsToContentPage pending implementation


See these changes for other examples of test stubs.

Using test stubs have the following advantages:

  • Test Leads or component owners are able to set test name, priority and other test properties prior to handing off the test writing to other teams;
  • Avoid conflicts when a large number of tests need to be written; and,
  • Create a queryable backlog of tests that need to be written.


To query a list of test stubs, run git grep TODO *.testcase, or git grep LPS-123456 *.testcase to query by the ticket number